Friday, February 23, 2007

Wordpress and new blog!

It's truely bittersweet when you have called one place home for so long, but I had to do it!

I simply have gotten tired of trying to edit my blog here on blogger and have moved to the more customizible and self-hosted Wordpress.

This space will still be here for everyone to see, but I will be updating in a new place.

So check it out! HERE

hello world

hi this is a post

Sunday, February 18, 2007

self deprication

Well, here i sit in the weee hours of the morning, wondering why...oh why, I am just that absent minded.

Aside: self deprication seems to drive the most traffic to my corner of cyberworld...might as well continue the trend. every search engine places really high my blog Sol.Net when you search 'self deprication'

I have a relatively new laptop...and lately I have been doing a lot of web developing work on it, as well as a lot of stuff for my current job. As it was, I configured a dual-booting system with fedora core 5 and win xp. I partitioned my hard drive for this to work, because microsoft and linux have different types of file structure.

well, i decided i needed more space on one partition (windows) because i was using it alot to view itunes music and the like. and with my haste, i decided i needed to change the partition size without backing up my systems.......

i was happily playing with mandriva's automated partitioning helper, when i accidentally removed both partitions on my hard drive, effectively ERASING EVERYTHING on my laptop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

what will i do with soooo stupid!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Been Making Websites :)

Well, recently I've been pretty active making some websites:
One for this really cool organization called Green Ambassadors

Check 'em out!

HERE IS THE SITE I am making for them, spread the news, they are AWESOME!

Also though, where I work, I have been playing around with some templates and random picture scripts HERE

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I made videos! kinda lame-o, but sometimes funny.

the above video is a brief intro to the beach in Salter Path, NC

In the above video, we discuss a few animals found in Bogue Sound, NC

This above video talks about a native plant that can be made into tea called, Illex Vomitoria (Yaupon Holly)

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Rip Curl Pipe Master Final - Slats/AI/Machado/Lopez

Pipeline Masters Final

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Just thought I'd share with everyone!

Slater lost in a close bout with Irons, but a great final!

Thursday, December 21, 2006 - Microlending is changing the world!

Kiva - loans that change lives
Nearing the corner of Christmas, I feel compelled to talk a little about an organization I truely think is doing something to help others. I am not the only one who shares this idea. Recently this year, the Nobel Committee awarded their Peace Prize to Yunus Grameen for microfinance. Although lending to the poor is not new, including 'microfinance,' Kiva's approach seems ripe with 'Web 2.0'

From their webpage, you can donate in $25 dollar increments to an enterprise of your choosing, thus creating a portfolio. Each profile is rich in learning of the prospective borrower's business, although no detailed business plan is available. What I feel is effective about the way Kiva operates lies in it's torrent-like way to garner money.

On their site you can create a profile which is showcased with others on the entrepreneur's profile page. Also included, once the borrower is fully funded, is a journal in which they update you on their progress and 'prosperous' business. Once they pay the borrowed amount in full, you will be credited back with the original amount of money you invested, which you can withdrawl or reinvest into another business.

What I feel unique about giving this way is that you feel connected to the borrowers although you are thousands of miles away. Kiva presumably spends a lot of time finding the right partner lending institutions to disperse their funds where the loans are low interest from qualified borrowers. Here is their due dilligence on choosing 'Field Partners'

So if you are in the giving mood, have a paypal account or credit/debit card and $25 dollars, you can give a far reaching gift that will have an impact on someone's life, possibly whole families.

A few cautions:
  • Kiva claims 100% repayment so far and say to diversify your loans to more than one organization rather than all into one business.
  • If repayment is not made, it is not tax deductable since it is a loan and you will not get your money back (although you should treat it as a donation)
  • There is no interest gained on this investment

Please do not let these cautions sway your decision to give, if not in something that you believe in!

Empowerment. Sustainability. Hope.