Thursday, April 28, 2005

Sol.Net meaning

knowing me...isn't always knowing me, but one thing remains usually unnoticed; my propensity to constantly find relation and meaning in 'my' words.

Sol.Net has special meaning to me for this blog because:

1. Sol....sounds like 'soul'...which I want to convey throughout my rhetoric
2. the sound of 'Sol' is very euphonic when said and heard, soothing to me and attached to meaning...soul..evaporating, many things float through.
3. balanced with 'Sol' is 'Net' a powerful glove, catch-all for 'Sol'
4. 'Net' is somewhat direct, to the point in subjective understanding.
5. when objective definition/relation of 'Sol' and 'Net' is concatenated, they still convey meaning to me...such as..."(a corresponding unit of value).(excluding all nonessential consideration)"

Weird? probably.
meaningful? to me, at least.

slice my mind.this is what you find

examine my abstraction

ahh this is so silly because i honestly do not think anyone is going to read this post.
in any case, hope its enjoyable and not too weird


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