Monday, June 19, 2006

Nail it down!

It seems as though yesterday I was in high school sitting in a classroom where I thought nothing of my future, but the next wrestling match or perfect surfing journey.

Fast forward to today...where my priorities have dramitically shifted, and my future sits presently in my 'living'room. Where am I going? How am I getting there? Who am I, and what do I really want?!?

The only major constants in my life have been to contribute positively to society, be a good big brother, son, uncle, friend and loving husband & father (one day)...

Am I making progress? Certainly...but it seems slow because of my indecisiveness and inability to choose a solid career path. I am a career gypsy of sorts, hopping from one interest to another; notwithstanding my youth and propensity to be intensely focused for short bursts which accounts for my jump from idleness to research, to computers, to education, and finally to my realization of how I must advance my formal education.

Hallmark of me in choosing a program in which to enroll is the gamut of disciplines. Recently I have been thinking of applying to a Coastal Environmental Management program, Master of Arts in Teaching, Master of Social Work, Computer Science, Masters of Information Science, Masters in Educational Leadership...blah, blah, blah

What to do?

I want to continue to work as well so I can support myself and build experience. I guess it is just a frustrating time for me in what I should choose. However, I increasingly feel that I should already know! I'm single, almost 27, no children and have established some formal training and experience...shouldn't I be entering a career? I can go anywhere, right?

My current job is wonderful, but unfortunately somewhat temporary as I'm on contract (again, like americorps). While I am learning so much from my coworkers and supervisors and having a blast playing with kids on the beach, the pay is not ideal (still considered poverty) while also considered transitional and meant as a stepping block to a teaching or educational career. I love teaching, but am torn in thinking that is my primary career focus.

I have a lot of passion for technology and its uses, fighting inequality across all barriers, while also wanting to be an entrepreneur, social activist, techno-saavy-open-source-evangelist, and a globetrotter.

Can I do it all?

Maybe, but here I am trying to figure it out in one night.

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Jessica said...

Hey, at least someone's in the same boat as me (although I'm not really interested in being a husband or a father =D).
Maybe you need to find an place where all of the professions and educational experiences you want are located and then get all of them to come together to form one individual company and then you can just rotate from department to department at your leisure, so you'd always have something to do and you'd never get bored or lose interest. Sound like a plan?