Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Update on me

So I haven't really been blogging much lately on here. Things have been pretty busy since I've been working 'outdoors' with children which has kept me a little more unplugged than usual.

We recently finished up our Summer Day Camp for younger children. It was very fun and laid back with us being in the water half of the day, swimming at the beach or pool, but I really missed the meat of my job. I truely can say that I love teaching, and in a few weeks I will be able to concentrate more on conveying knowlege rather than making crafts. The unfortunate part is that some of our staff are now moving on into different positions, so they will be missed, but we have very capable and awesome new staff aboard.

It still, in my few years out of college, amazes me how amazingly cool the people I've met in my various positions. World travellers, scientists, activists, conservationists, and genuinely interesting and sincere people who want to change this world into a place where everyone can enjoy a better life. How inspiring!

It's just, and I think a recurring theme for myself, where do I fit into this fabric? As I sit on the edge of where I am going, I start to get a little nervous about my future and what it holds. With the ever-present escalation of war and tragedy, I also find myself wondering how I can be a part of the solution. Rather, I wonder how I can be in the position where I can make decisions that help others most effectively. I could go into politics, become a lawmaker, lobbyist, or elected leader or I could go into nonprofit world where I do some politics, provide direct service and aid to the needy.....or I could educate others with the knowledge that intensifies my passions and hope they also feel the same.....or be a scientist where some discovery or health issue may be mitigated.

I guess the question for me is how can I effect the most change as a single person? Do I have the charisma and integrity for politics? Do I have the creativity to discovery something that will enable society to be more free or able? Am I an effective enough teacher to teach discernment and critical thinking with a moral mission?

I don't know....but I want answers and I feel school is the best beginning.

I like many things and am getting prepared to take the GRE for graduate school in a few months, but find myself at a crossroads into what sort of education I need.

They don't tell you explicitly how to find the tools to be a good leader or good steward.

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