Friday, September 15, 2006

Podcasting in my classes!

Well, the debut of podcasting for reflection in my classes has finally arrived!!!

I am sooo excited about continuing to do this!

We recently had a wonderful school who was in full support of interviewing their children!

The two podcasts focus on pollution and sea turtles. It was pretty fluid using conservation as the theme, and I was very delighted on how the kids focused on the issues and not the fact that they were talking into a microphone.

I am using wordpress 2.0 which runs great natively for which there are some pretty stable plugins.

Here is the site

In other news, I am testing out the uses of Moodle to run in an outdoor education environment. I am not sure if it will be suited for our type of curriculum, and might pose to be too much work for us to keep up with. The whole idea of having the site is to extend the learning after the students who experience our program continue to utilize our knowledgebase and for teachers to use the site as a 'hand-off' for when they are back in the classroom.

Moodle is an awesomely extensible platform with many modules for gradebooks, theme customization, and very easy visual installation.

Both Wordpress and Moodle took about 30 minutes to completely install, minus ftp'ing the files to the server.

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