Sunday, October 30, 2005

who'da thought

thought I would share a poem i just has literally been a few years since i have written anything, but for some reason this evening I wrote this poem in a matter of a few minutes.

no name...just words:

Creative collect
gatherings of lustful hegemony
concatenate the growth of eternal fortitudes

retreat into regression
repeat introspection
repair the loaded chambers
reduce the inflammation of desire

deliver and;

comb over the prejudices of flattery
for the fad look of modesty to obtain

sustain the deliverance from solace
identify with the souls of change

manage to manage
life's cliché of amount

to mount, to ride
to experience

on occasion while i sleep i hear i weep

i dance on the night with the blanket
doused in my own calamities
of viscous rendition

to enjoy my ambiguous condition

to liver is to bleed
being eaten with greed

i live liver live her
relegate; deliver
come between the scene
of crow-like macabre

to entice my world of infinite
drawing on the pragmatic enigmatic

one, two....or three
to count is to fail
as the days seem short
but my heart will prevail

be undone, overheard
and persist
beat, beat the odds

a little about this poem:
not really sure what it means...the words really just came out of my head to my fingers to this blog....
but seeing how lately i've been reflecting a lot on things in my life, mostly dealings in romance...i find it a relevant insight, but also right before i wrote the poem, i heard and really liked Frankie J's remake of "More Than Words" by Extreme, conjuring up lots of feelings in the past.

My friend Koji and I use to sing that song to his guitar in college to vent some of the pains of us having a long distance relationships....ahhh, not the most ideal type of relationship - lesson learned.

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