Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Google now has an online aggregator!

I am on so many different computers at so many different times of the day, it's hard for me to download my own aggregator, so I have opted to use the online aggregators....Bloglines has been great to me.

I do use a lot of Google stuff though, like gmail, google groups, the search history, google earth, etc.....and the other day I found out that google had an aggregator.

To the right is a screenshot of it in action:

I do like the google reader for a few reasons.

1. There is a lot of the same functionality as gmail and google groups in that you can star your favorites and of course the searching capability. The labels from gmail are also utilized in here.

2. the interface is fairly easy to use (might be because I am already accustomed to gmail and google groups)

3. It is tied into my google account (which might be a little scary that google knows all about me, but hey, i dont have things to hide, right?)

4. Some sites have multiple feeds for multiple things, google reader lets you add them all with ease.

Things I didn't really like:

1. It is totally up to you to find the news feeds, albeit you can search in the top search bar for feeds, but still, Bloglines provides much more ease when concerning things you want to subscribe to.

2. The way to find feeds is a little basic, and I would like to have seen more ways to search for feeds.

3. Although the scrolling through recent feeds is nice, the fact that they are all lumped together on the home screen is a little confusing...although, to be fair, google reader does have the subscription view.

But all in all, I like the google reader and will use it for a little while and see if its as convincing as Bloglines.

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