Sunday, December 18, 2005

Am I leaving a legacy?

My Americorps*VISTA term as Technology Coordinator is coming to a close. I have a few months left.

I am both incredibly excited about what lies ahead and sad to let go.

About a month ago I would've told you that I will be a VISTA for another year because of my willingness and ambition to complete everything in my workplan, but I realize it is time to move on. Cultivating a career path is daunting, but necessary and I am definitely a step closer to knowing exactly what I want to do because of my experience in this program.

I have been blessed with so much lattitude and free space to create and deliver programs relating to systems analysis and design to computer literacy workshops, while also directing research efforts of an undergrad and leading a team of grad students in shaping the information architecture and future of data management for the office I work in....It is soo rewarding...and diverse! I also helped facilitate, plan, and coordinate a grant to dialogue about war and terrorism, work with professors on health disparities, and consult an organization on how to develop a board of directors and obtain 501c3 tax code status.

What is amazing to me is that I have had little training or knowledge going into doing all these really cool things, but have grown and dramatically increased my capacity to achieve and learn how to do them. I am better for that, a better person for the interaction. I am moved. Inspired. And changed to see a profound reality of hope to cause change.

So I am sad to leave this incubator. So I am humbled to appreciate what I have.

So what now?

Find a job, that's what! It is so exciting to look at everything available!

I really want to further my eduation to a point where I can more effectively cause more positive change, but the realities of debt and living in poverty leave me to seek employment first (a recent revelation).

I've begun to recieve the first round of rejection letters in the mail, but I will prevail...armed with hope, experience, and inspiration....

and knowing that I can 'get things done'

I will miss the people I've met...and I truely thank them for helping me along.

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