Monday, December 26, 2005

Holidays = Family, Friends, and BABIES!!!!

So I've had a lovely time so far this holiday season, hanging out with friends, chatting and playing games with family, and most of all...playing with everyone's children!!! This must be the year of the baby...bc everyone I know is having one!

Below are just a few pics I'd like to share:

Everyone, meet Baxter - a bright-eyed, laughing and very intelligent baby. Father and mother are both good friends of mine. Baxter, meet internet friends!!

Next up, little Troy! He is very quiet, but very inquisitive. He likes long crawls on the blanket, with shiny Christmas ornaments.

And it wouldn't be a party without my nephew, Jaheim! Always ready to laugh, and play tricks, one must always have a discerning eye!

We have a little heartbreaker in the making in Kiana! She melts people with her stare!

Truely a fun Christmas and one that I will remember! I think it is times like these that really keep me motivated to help others in need, especially children who are less fortunate. I am not an expert on foreign trade, farm subsidies, global hunger, but the facts still remain. We, as humans, fight for resources that allow us a certain quality of life which usually means others might not have access to the same quality.

Let us fight for others to acheive the same qualities as us. Chip away at poverty and inequality by teaching, loving, and giving.

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Lanya Shapiro said...

Hey Calvin,

Just wanted to say Hi and to thank you for being such a wonderful, thoughtful person. You've been a big help to me personally over the past year and I'm so impressed with you. I wish we had set aside some time to get together in December. Let's do that in January, please.

Best wishes for 2006, my friend. I hope you'll stay here in the Triangle, but the world is big and you are curious...

-- Lanya