Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Love for Science!

After a solid 3 weeks of teaching gradeschool children about coastal ecology, I can honestly say I feel closer to our environment and more excited about science that I've been since I was little!! This sentiment has also afforded me a lot of new knowledge about whales, sharks, beaches, saltwater marshes, and succession. The main reason I took leave of science is because I got burned out of trying to become a doctor, which is a bottleneck field and very competitive.

Health is fascinating, interesting, and totally saves lives, but the pressure, responsibility, and expectation started to become overwhelming.

I chose to involve myself completely with computers and digital technology:
: Textbooks are free online -- there are so many how-tos
: It still satisfies my logic and analytical predisposition
: You can still help others through digital means

Now, it seems, I am torn between the two with my new profession:

All this nature has led me to a new level of romantic where I am looking inward and upward more, but truely feeling nature nurture and ground my life in a way that gives me peace. I used to get this nervous tick when I wasn't near a computer for an extended period of time, but now I can enjoy and appreciate being 'unplugged' for a stint.

I can definitely see how your stereotypical 'hippi' can be so mellow and see how things are so related. From chaos theory to an emotion, there is an echoing movement of consciousness or some harmonic that oscillates truth. . .

The beach is nice. I am lucky. I love science!

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Lanya Shapiro said...

Hey Calvin!

I've been thinking about you and meaning to get in touch. How cool your new job sounds! Let me know if/when you visit Durham. Sorry we didn't re-connect before you left and I'd love to see you.

You're such a wonderful person. I wish you all the best.

Love, Lanya