Sunday, May 07, 2006

Marriage in the Air! (not me)

So recently I found out two of my very good friends in Charleston will be getting married! And they want me to be their best man!!!!

Darren and Kim Cumbie? It has a nice ring to it! It truely is going to be an honor to be in your wedding!

Kim and Darren both enjoy the vintage/beachy atmosphere of Charleston, SC.

Kim is an Editor/Statistician and Darren is an IT analyst.

It's another wonderful excuse to travel to Charleston too :D

So congrats you guys!!! And thanks for all the help you provided me when I was living down there. I couldn't ask for better friends...and now you will be Married!!

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Jessica said...

So, are you going to be the best man? =D "Darren and Kim Cumbie" does have a nice ring - and speaking of rings, have you seen Kim's ring? It's beautiful! And did you hear how Darren proposed? I never knew my brother was so romantic! I'm so excited for them!