Sunday, December 10, 2006

season of giving!

So, I've not posted in nearly a month or so, but I'd like to defend this late posting to the fact that I have indeed been very busy!

Ahh, how the holiday season takes hold, especially in times of cold;
people bundle together or want to be closer;
so the giving spirit embraces our souls

what a great way to take part;
but to give, not recieve the abundance of love;
the heart grows fonder in apropos;

for the many faces of the sparkle, glimmer;
shine into dark corners, revealing what might not have known;
as the greatest give is to love, without condition or ration;

a gift will present in a time of need;
because we all must love, in these times indeed;
the hour draws near for many a convergence;

a place of fortitudes, solidifying urgency;
to create hope in this world, unbounded;
outcry to those in far off places;

not just places far, distancewise;
but to other planes, emotionwise;
how can you be cold and not cover up;

hope in this world warms my soul;
how about yours, inspire your role;
in your heart you will listen;

beat beat, listen;
you're alive now and then;
feel the world grow, not just immediate bustle;

Okay, so i got off on a tangent and started to write in code...poetic code, that is. But I feel good at the turn of this month, in the way things are going and the possibilities that linger. I hold on to things sometimes to my detriment, but I am letting go. Letting go and trusting myself have been obstacles in my growth. I need to make big decisions which lend to my wellbeing in the near future.

So yeah, I've been busy. Working usually takes up 95% of my days, with kids, coworkers, and in thought about what to do for the next day. It is a good feeling to be working in a place that places such high value on quality, comraderie, compassion, and teamwork.

I have grown immensly lately just by working like I normally would. The difference is how I am approaching everything and living wide-open. I recently took the GRE, did well enough to be proud, and also have been working on some meaningful projects at work outside of my regular duties. Not to jinx things, I will be posting at a later date on more details on what my projects entail, but they should stand as something I leave behind at Sound to Sea that will have a lasting impact.

Going to graduate school or continuing to find work have been ever-pressing on my near future. As much as I love my current job, it is not sustainable to me financially. I have been looking at jobs lately and also graduate school programs, both of my searches and research being very very diverse in the job fields and academic programs, but I am diligent and propelled to find something that makes me happy with myself. I maintain my need to make a large impact on society and hope that either training formally in the Academe or through experience in another job will enable my aspirations to be actualized.

As the year comes to an end, I feel like I've made many strides towards my goals of who I want to become and how I want to live. I thank, truely thank, my close friends and coworkers for this progress, for without them, I feel I would have a large void and not be a better person.

I have been given a lot :)

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