Friday, November 10, 2006

things are GRE-at

so yeah, im taking the GRE....Graduate Record Examination...tomorrow and I feel oddly relaxed. I've studied my butt off and taken a few test practices, but I feel like I should be a little nervous, but the fact is that things are okay; things are good.

What do you say when you have a group of outstanding coworkers and children/teacher/chaperones? I say you live it up! Although busy, this past week has been very good for me in the fact that I am more confident in my teaching, not to mention that I was evaluated by my bosses last week...which went super great. I feel validated and also like my work has been paying off! This time last year, I would not consider myself a competent teacher.

I think a lot of people should consider teaching and it's rewards, especially those who might be a little timid, but where do I want to go???!!! In my life, that is....

Well the other night i was talking to one of my friends/coworkers (thanks Cheryl) on things I could do in the future and she thought I should be a professor!! It's kinda funny she said that because I actually have never entertained that idea before, but it makes sense. I will be around a bunch of idealistic people, be able to talk all of the time, while doing research on cool things, and also being able to write grants and help others! Who could ask for more, right? Well, I definitely feel like I am moving and starting to shake the coconuts out of the tree.

The GRE will be a great starting point for me to align myself and think about 4 to 10 more years of education. Phew....could I overcome that hurdle? I get distracted by so many different areas of knowledge.

times are busy: this weekend I will be taking the GRE, then next weekend I will be in cambridge, ma for a job interview, then the following weekend I will be turning 27 along with some turkey lovin.

times fly by!


Jessica said...

Good luck on the GRE!!! You should be a professor...I think you'd do very well...=D

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My blog said...

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