Wednesday, July 13, 2005

2 cents on technology's role in social change

Realizing my role and upon my first days as a VISTA at NCCU, technology has permeated the very fabric of my purpose, both in my personal and professional aspirations/endeavors to engage citizens in communication, understanding, and change..

From the second day at 'work,' attending the "Raise Your Voice: Get a Job or Get a Life, or Both" to plucking away at the keyboard programming a webpage, communication remains the underlying dogma to which my motivations lie for exchanging knowledge, ideas, and culture. More than ever, technology is connecting people on very profound levels, finding common grounds to move towards a better world understanding. One of my charges as a VISTA is to combat poverty...through closing the digital divide gap, which still remains a major barrier to access with competitive job markets, functional literacy in communicating ideals, and actualizing dreams (i.e. business ownership, social justice) where distance, realtime information, and organizing find profound relevance and technology a weapon to combat inequality.

Dissolving those barriers to access via communication (digital divide) begets class mobility, confidence, and preserving one of our most valuable resources, time. This is my role, my purpose and the 'education' to which I am offering citizens of the 'Greater Durham Area' through my workings in creating a quicker, more easily usable web-database, teaching people web/graphic design, assessing CBO technology needs, and empowering volunteers both within the NCCU campus community and beyond with a sense of vision, hope, and opportunity for growth.

With communication increased and made more efficient, civic responsibility is strengthened and engagement is enhanced.

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