Monday, July 18, 2005

Surfing....with impending hurricane season.

The time of year is again here! As an avid surfer for 13 years, hurricane season always brings excitement, danger, and anticipation for those sweet nice rides. However, living the furthest away from a beach than ever, I find myself missing it more than ever. The only way I can quench my desire to skip out on work and just sit at the beach and surf all day is to check out the latest contests in pro surfing via ASP World Tour and the local surf scene found where I grew up in the Central North Carolina District. Talking to non-surfers, and agreeably so, whenever the mention of hurricanes comes to topic, a shudder of danger and loathing soon follows. I completely understand, but with an almost macabre delight. Not to say that I want people hurt by a hurricane, but its the only time of year that a sustainable amount of good waves comes rolling through the outer banks, for weeks on some stints. This season proves to be more promising than ever, with all the hurricanes already formed this early...could this be a record?

Hurricanes aside, the CNC Eastern Surfing Association District continues to churn out some of the best Surfers on the East Coast, Kelly Nicely, for example attends NCSU and is currently ranked one of the best in the nation and is even on the International US surf Team. In an alternate world, I wish I could dedicate all my time to getting better at surfing and learning how to surf. I'm just lonely for waves....

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