Saturday, September 24, 2005

Decompression Session

Coming off a very inspirational day, I just wanted to document my thoughts and rattle out some ramblings.

Seeing thousands of people convene in one place was very empowering to me...knowing that there are people who really feel the urgency to create change and stop this war has given me more confidence in speaking out....and not worrying about how people percieve me.

People of every race, religion, class, and age....were in attendance, with kids chanting right along with with the drummers, hard-core activists, parents, former military, college students, and myself. It would have certainly took some effort to not be moved.

People are people are people are people!

Smiles, comraderie, and purpose fueled the energy for the day, culminating in a concert that channeled our emotions toward action.

North Carolina Represented well, and I truely have been honored to share this day with so many changemakers.

I caught up with Brian Russell (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!) of Audio Activism and Ruby Sinreich of Lotus Media as well as THE Andrew Pearson of NC Peace & Justice coalition, lead organizer the big anti-war rally in Fayetteville, NC...among many other things.

Not to single out one person for the difference they are making, but I wanted to dedicate this post to Lanya Shapiro who tirelessly fights for change with everything she has, everything. It seems everyone surrounding her is infected with her passion and willingness to move forward. Progress. Change. And check out Traction http:/ for more in store! Thank you Lanya for awakening in me that progress, that passion.

Also...I want to thank the many friends I made on the Traction Bus ride to and from DC!

So what now?...probably more posts for sure, but for now I must go to bed!

Great Day!

Below are some audioposts from my phone. The more I 'mobcast,' the more I feel the need to invest in more quality recording equipment....these posts are hard to hear, but at least may give you a small glimpse into my day at the Anti-War Rally in Washington, DC.

this is an audio post - click to play

this is an audio post - click to play

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Lanya Shapiro said...

Wow, Calvin. Thank you so much for your kind words.

More importantly, thank you for the thoughtfulness you always bring to what you do, for your commitment to share your ideas with others, and for taking action. You inspire me back! (It's a beautiful thing...)