Saturday, September 24, 2005

Excited about my DC Trip!!

Well, its pretty late here, but I had to work the bugs out...literally! I've been pretty busy with a lot of technology work and am excited to say that I actually get to shadow my father and see how they put together their IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and framework for the Java Applications they will be making. It's so cool when you can actually go home and visit with family while being productive and doing work. be productive! Today I got put on a technology committee at The Volunteer Center of Durham, so I am pretty excited to learn from the other members as well as check out their IT situation....also, I am finding out, when making a website in a large institution, there is a lot of 'red tape'....meaning I've been waiting on Public Relations to approve the look, for the head webmaster to give me suggestions, for the web committee to look at the site, for my supervisor to plan the 'rollout' party, then to make the changes, and is insane and I don't know if it will ever grace a browser!...just need a vent

Also today, I met up with fellow VISTA, Tabitha McEachin of Communities in Schools, former at Durham Literacy Center to talk about Katrina relief. One really big thing I learned about today was the amount of people living in hotels in Durham from the different affected states. I really want to help NCCU's organizations focus more on helping the people here, but more with finding them resources, than just giving them food and clothes. There seems to be a lot of deep-seated issues relating to the relief efforts!..something needs to be a more organized way.

Anyways, the whole title of this post was just to say that I am really excited about going to Washington, DC today, so much in fact, that I really can't sleep...hence the post. But I am also nervous as I've never done anything like this before, but feel it important for me to be exposed and possibly network with activists around the country.

It's pretty silly when I tell most of my friends that I am going for those purposes because I get really mixed reactions. Either they don't say anything and move the conversation along, or they give a little laugh or chuckle....or they just kind of stop talking. Why is it such a sensitive thing when you say you are going to speak out against this war? In private or in close groups it's okay to say things, but whenever you want to publicly display your opinions....a lot of people shy it extreme? they don't want to rock the boat....people need to be pushed a little to react. The most effective activists and change makers in my mind have all been people who prod people to think....and make others uncomfortable.

the more I learn about our occupation in the gulf, the more visceral I go on

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