Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Emotional Overload

"And nothing about this is natural. War isn’t natural; and neither is poverty. That’s what people are dying of, not a hurricane. They are dying of war and poverty. They are consumed with rage because of war and poverty. They are paralyzed with helplessness because of war and poverty. They are twisted and driven crazy by war and poverty." -- Stan Goff on his blog, Feral Scholar regarding the US Government's response in New Orleans.

I highly suggest reading Stan Goff's post on, "The Butterfly Effect - Katrina and Occupation"

The more I read, the more I find it hard to contain my anger towards some of the inequalities and injustices in our country...I also recently read that the American Red Cross..yes, the American Red Cross was denied access to New Orleans for relief efforts...due to the US Forces evacuating the unsafe area. Understandably, precautions must be taken in a hazard zone, but, like Stan Goff so frankly elucidates, how can so many media crews and irrelevant groups visit this 'hazard area' and not one of the country's most practiced disaster relief organizations!

It also makes me wonder about gas and its rising value....the delay of response to New Orleans...leading to lack of Gulf gas...and the War in Iraq....support to establishing stable gas reserves overseas?

just some thoughts

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