Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Not a Development Coordinator, but an Environmental Educator!

So, well, I jumped the gun when I announced my employment with the Boys & Girls Club. Although it would have been fun to raise money, manage donors, etc...it just wasn't the right fit for me in the end, so I decided on another, more my area kind of job....

drumroll.....dun du dunnnnnn...

I will be an Environmental Educator with the Sound to Sea program at the Trinity Center in Salter Path, NC. Yaaayyy!!!

I am really excited and look forward to teaching children about our environment!!

I am also looking forward to:

- Living right on the beach!
- Free housing and meals at a retreat center
- Learning from my co-worker's world economic development experience
- Helping to create online games for environmental education
- Becoming a better steward to the environment
- Being close to my parents
- Being able to surf more and more

Opportunities abound for interaction, personal development, and having fun with children!

And as you can clearly see, this place is beautiful!

These pictures were pulled from the Trinity Center Website (I really had to show them to ya'll).

Oh yeah, and just because I will be teaching about the environment, doesn't mean I will not be enhancing my 'geek' status!! Stay tuned!


Brian R. said...

Congrats! Durham is going to be suffering without a geek like you who really cares about people. But change is good.

Calvin said...

Thanks Brian!

I am sure you are sorely missed in Durham!

Jessica said...

Congratulations!! I told you your dream job was just waiting for you to stumble across it! =D