Saturday, April 29, 2006

Your own radio station!

Blogging beyond the web! Make your own media/podcasts! It's truely exciting stuff!

Recently I inquired about recieving a fm transmitter from "Broadcast Your Podcast" via so that I could possibly give a platform for friends and community to say something about their country, recent happenings, or their own music. I really am excited about the potential for use and the empowerment of creating your own broadcasts from your computer and bringing them to people driving by tuning in!

How it basically works is you get this FM transmitter that you attach to your computer and tune it to a specific frequency...(an unused one, I imagine, at the top or bottom of your of the spectrum like 89.1 or 106.7) then you just start playing your media! Whomever tunes their radio station to your preset frequency will be able to hear what you have to say.

After I have tinker with it and learn how to make them on my own, I hope to provide them for free to anyone who wants one and will use it. When I recieve mine (via the generosity of Lotte Meijer of Broadcast Your Podcast), I will be posting more on how I use it, the range, etc.

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