Thursday, October 19, 2006

Slats and his 8th world title!!!

How amazing it is to actually see someone accomplish this feat. To have been in an ultra-competitive environment as long as Kelly has, and to still be at the top is amazing! If there were any doubts about Kelly Slater being the greatest competitive surfer ever, they have evaporated! In character, spirit, drive, and inspiration, Kelly truely has become one of my heros.

You may ask why I like Kelly so much? Well, i like surfing, of course, but more importantly, I strive to somehow, oneday, become as good at something like he has...from learning about him and watching him, I find him a great person, and an innovator! I'm not a very great surfer, nor am I good anything to a degree that would merit 'World's Best'...but it gives me hope that maybe one day I can do something as cool as that! (this pic is from ASP's website...i copied it, then cropped it...)

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