Saturday, June 04, 2005


This is just a random rant.

I still subscribe to a listserve of plant geneticists and found this particular thread pretty funny.

As qtd by Dr. Arditti, " some orchids seemed to like a little alcohol... hmmm? Maybe Arrack is their preference. I'f I'm not mistaken, even people seem to multiply at a greater rate when
alcohol is present ;)"

It may not be funny without some background, but the bane of many plant geneticists' work lies in their ability to grow plants after they have inserted genes in them, thus propagating a clone for cultivation. Alcohol in small amounts seems to do this...although, like humans, overdosing or an excess can lead to death.

Humans = ethanol = propagation
Plants = ethanol = propagation

Humans = ethanol[unbounded] = death
Plants = ethanol [unbounded] = death


Darren said...

I think your equations are a bit off. I believe what you meant to put was:
(subject) + alchohol = propogation
(subject) + alchohol[unbounded] = death

Darren said...

A few more equations:
Redneck + (d/dx corn) = moonshine
Russian + (d/dx potato) = vodka
(Human + alchohol)*24*7 = alchoholic
Alcholic + 12 steps = AA member

*note: d/dx is the mathematical term for "derivative". For all you mathphobes :-)