Saturday, June 04, 2005

Dude! Killer bee!

This is just a silly realization about my phobia of bugs!

The other day I was getting into my truck and a bumble bee flew in. Not knowing what to do, I tried my hardest to get him from trying to go through the back window, which has no opening, but he kept buzzing and trying to dig through the i used some mail to try and pry him away and let him fly away. Just a little background on me and bugs; I never have liked look at hear or know are around...i get really really scared when a bug is near you can imagine how scared I was. After trying to get him away several times, he fell between the seat and the back of the I popped the seat to see if i could help him further...but after about an hour of trying, he was just sitting in one place....i thought he i didnt want to mess with him. This morning I forgot about him, but after I did a little grocery shopping, he flew right by my face out of my truck. I didnt believe it was him, so i popped the seat again, and he was gone!!!!

Silly bees....then as I was driving away, I realized that there was a lady bug on my driver-side window...not wanting to roll it alll the way down, i put it partially down with hope that my driving will blow him off. That little sucker stayed on until i arrived at my destination. How wierd!


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