Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Slater snags his 7th world title!!!!!

Kelly Slater, undeniably the best professional surfer of all time has won an unprecedented 7th world title according to the Association of Surfing Professionals (the Governing Body of Professional Surfing)

Kelly Slater, like Lance Armstrong embodies many of the characteristics I strive to assimilate in my own persona. Although I can't quite pin down, aside from his good outlook and purity in life and his raw ability, what makes me look up to him so much, I can say I respect his innovations in a sport where he was very influential in shaping the new image of surfers from being drugged-beach bums to legitimate athletes, while also changing the outlook on scoring a wave.

I think I was surfing Ala Moana, Hawaii at a spot called Magic Island one time in the late 1990's and I saw first hand how awesomely good he was!! there were a lot of people out there surfing, but I couldn't help but notice this guy flying through the air and fanning out water like an ice sculptor...I was starstruck...and didn't even surf, but sat on my board watching the show!

He is very civically minded and does a lot for a lot of people.

So thanks Kelly and congratulations!!!!

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