Wednesday, November 02, 2005

¡traductor del google!!!!

So you're wondering if I can speak spanish now, eh?

Actually I can speak many languages:

Google の訳者用具は実際に素晴らしく, 私は完全にそ れに回転を与える!

L'outil de traducteur de google est vraiment intéressant et je lui donnerais certainement un mouvement giratoire!

Das googleübersetzerwerkzeug ist wirklich nett und ich würde ihm einen Whirl definitiv geben!

All kidding aside, I do not have a firm grasp on any foreign language, but now with this new google translator, you can decode or encode your language into french, german, italian, japanese, chinese, portugese, and, of course, spanish!

check the site out!

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chuchi said...

hola! i had my spanish in college and i was sorry i didnt take that subject seriously. seems you are really a net surfer. :)
thanks for the comment in one of my articles. im still new in "blogging" so there's still more to learn. :)
keep posted.