Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Turn up the heat!!??!!

So for the past few weeks I have been in agony!

It is freakin hot!!! I dont know if there is a furnace under my floor or an invisible wall keeping the heat in my room from the windows and doorway, but it sucks....and I have tried everything to expell the heat, from opening all the windows and door and blaring the fan from every possible permutational configuration, while also trying to get the housing staff to see what the problem is.

I usually don't complain; growing up in a house where my parents love 80 plus degree warmth...but, but, but....my room (no exaggeration) is probably upwards of 95 degrees F.

So I have this routine of stripping down once I enter my furnace and wake up every few hours to rehydrate so that I dont wake up in the morning with a profound headache and soaked sheets. I even ration the time I spend on the computer.

So this post is just a vent, literally, of my frustrations of living in a terribly hot environment....I just hopes it gets really cold soon outside, so the head subsides in my room...

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