Sunday, August 21, 2005

Cool way to use flickr!

It's a Sunday and I am just lounging around, playing with my blog and trying to dig deeper into blogworld.

Today I started using Bloglines to organize the blogs that I want to read on a regular basis. One of them was the 'Make' magazine blog, where I found a cool post about using your flickr photos to make magazine front page templates.

It's really fun and I've already made about 10 of them and sent them out to my friends! To the left is one I did for my friend Koji, who is just now starting grad school at Perdue getting his MBA. Go Koji!!!

I don't believe you just have to have a flickr account, but they are free and provide so much storage!!!

A little on bloglines: with all the agregators out there used to collect all your atom or rss feeds, bloglines provides an online means to do the same, accesible from anywhere you can connect to the internet. I really like it because it's super-easy to use and now I dont have to type all the links to check every single site I want to visit! As I dig deeper in blog world, I find it harder to keep up with all the interesting blogs and developments....


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