Friday, August 26, 2005


This is just a personal nod to a blog post on 'Fast Company's' website

I've been asked before what leadership means to me...and usually I always hear people shooting off a giant list of desirable traits, myself what Fast Company says...

Visionary, strategic planning, cetera are prevalent and desireable qualities of leaders.

I think a leader is like an iceberg in that normal, day-to-day operations usually provide the mainstay of leadership practice and principle, giving major example, thread, and cohesion amongst colleagues, coworkers and the like, but when crisis, emergency, and desperation torrent the 'office'...the salinity of the environment rises, in which more of the leader's actions, good/bad, are exposed and more pronounced.

In Fast Company's short post they talk about defining the leader by the actions and behaviors of their followers....with great questions for personal growth!!

I feel in the context of IT professionals/managers being leaders, they are tasked with many behavioral changes in the people they serve and manage. I am finding that there is a great digital divide gap, even amongst academic communities...because some mentalities are that there will be someone to always do this or that. Also, many people feel that some innovations occur too rapid, or there is no point in vesting time when there are specialists, but I feel as we become more integrated...and with the people I meet and read about...its hard to believe we are not heading towards that end.

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