Monday, August 22, 2005

Patent Law & Syndication Standards

You know, I can't get enough!

I feel like I have to write about everything, if just to reflect on later...

Reading my new 'Bloglines' feeds, I am starting to get more info from many more sources...

In my previous job where the company's worth was primarily vested in its intelletual property in scientific techniques and patents on specific genes acquired through research, I found a recent article that I want to follow. HERE

Apparently Congress (Patent Reform Act of 2005, HR 2795) is going to do some major reform to patent law...which may have resounding effects in the future...and there is an interesting debate on funding the office beforehand...which makes sense to me because you need highly skilled patent examiners to ensure sound justification for a patent...(I've actually read some ridiculous claims...)...the article I read also seemed to point out that money the patent office recieved got redirected in totally unrelated places....which asks the question....where??!!??

on a side note: One thing I learned while being involved in the patent process is that in order to patent your stuff, you have to buy a patent in every country you want the patent in...with the rising economies in other countries with no sign of patent enforcement infrastructure...I wonder if this new patent overhaul might address those concerns? Albeit the USA cannot totally enforce things in other countries....well...oil..umm...democracy...umm...yeah.

To me, this is kinda I am definitely going to keep watch on that!

In other news recently read....I hear that the RSS syndication standard is now the momentous favorite of standard. Although I am somewhat illiterate on both Atom and RSS, why RSS?...(I will probably read some more on it)...but I also wonder what effects that might have on the open source community?...I mean the article is saying Microsoft, Yahoo, and Apple are all behind this standard (RSS)...and Google with Atom...think Google is going to maintain favor for Atom?

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