Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Model - View - Controller ....A shift in development

This time last week I would not even know what you were talking about if you mentioned to me about, "Model-View-Controller (MVC) [which] is a software architecture that separates an application's data model, user interface, and control logic into three distinct components so that modifications to the view component can be made with minimal impact to the data model component." (www.wikipedia.org)

Renato, my new technology volunteer, has been really teaching me some cool stuff about design, development, testing, java, jsp, and overall project management. All this being accomplished in 2 meetings. I am really looking forward to learning more.

Today he changed my mind about the future implementation of the web database, formerly mysql with php scripting....now, mysql with jsp. This makes total sense to me because all of the technology volunteers involved in the database work have backgrounds in java and oracle, not mysql and php.

I initially chose mysql because of its ubiquity and support from university computing and php naturally followed because of the usual marriage between the two. Also, by choosing mysql and php, knowing they both follow the GNU GPL (General Public License) agreement, I wanted to be able to replicate or essentially package the work in making a data management system of tracking volunteers and operational tasks to give to nonprofits as a means to address their data management needs. Using .jsp pages can achieve this as well.

The deeper I am involved in learning about nonprofits and their lack of budget to maintain an efficient data management solution, the more I see the opportunities for service and possibly sustaining an internship program for college students for service learning.

I am learning that java is a nice solution to develop web applications for a web database, while also allowing growth for php if the need arises. To this extent, I am excited about what can be accomplished! Regardless of implementation, I am increasingly confident that ANYTHING is better than Microsoft's Access, which has been a major thorn in my daily tasks.


Brian R. said...

Interesting post... I've been thinking allot about career lately. My VISTA service is up at the end of August. Luckily I've had one interview so far. (I'd like more SOON) :) But one thing that got brought up was my lack of computer science degree or other technical certification. Non-technical hiring folks seem more comfortable with formal educations. My skills are mostly self taught and on the job trained.

This brings me to Java, J2EE, and jsp. I saw a java certification the other day that looked interesting. Then you bring up the rather obvious fact that most professional database folks who use Oracle etc. are using java to create dynamic web based apps. Thus having some certificates in that area might make more employers trust my ability to create web applications for them. Hmmmm

Calvin said...

I definitely agree with what you are saying! I also come from a non-technical background and have, prior to my VISTA term, applied to numerous computing related jobs to no success. I've even had an interview where they told me if I were to be certified in A+ and MCSE, I would have been hired. (Blackbaud: http://www.blackbaud.com/)
My father took an interesting route, one that maybe you might consider. He retired from the Marine Corps and signed up with Analysts International (http://www.analysts.com/)..my father has a high school diploma...albeit he also has 15+ yrs with hardware and some networking....but it launched his technical career...including a stint at Nortel....and now as systems administrator for flight similators.

I wish more companies would use experience more as a means than certificates. Thanks for the comment!