Sunday, August 21, 2005

Rank # 1, 3, 9, 10 on Forbes America Richest!

Not one to criticize formal education...(I believe college education is fundamental to society's advancement and progression)....but I could not help but notice something pretty interesting while 'surfing' the net today.

Somehow I wandered over to the Forbes 400 richest Americans...and noticed in the top 10, 4 of them are college drop-outs....of the top 10, 4 are technology related innovators.....

here they are:
#1. Bill Gates (Microsoft coFounder)-- Harvard Drop-out
#3. Paul Allan (Microsoft coFounder)-- Washington State University Drop-out
#9. Michael Dell (Founder Dell Corp.)-- University of Texas at Austin Drop-out
#10. Lawrence Ellison (Founder Oracle)-- University of Illinois Drop-out

The rest of the list consists of #2 Warren Buffet --Investments and the Walmart family.

This leads me to ask a few questions:
Did they know they already had a lottery ticket?
Did they leave college to persue the businesses that made them rich?
Does formal education somehow limit entrepreneurship in technology?
Is this a coincidence?
And is this why when looking for a job in IT, certifications rather than degrees hold more weight?

I find this information quite silly and probably useless, but...I would be interested to see if this correlation applies to other technology entrepreneurs.

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