Friday, May 27, 2005


Just a quick post because I felt like writing some!

Last evening I heard in Durham, where I live, that there were 3 cross burnings! Its hard for me to stay collected when news like that comes to my attention. Why is it that people still 'hate' so much? People are people, period! To orchestrate 3 cross burnings in three different areas of Durham on the same night is quite disturbing, meaning they are organized, are pretty good at delivering messages and must have somewhat of a network. From reading a local news outlet, I found that the Mayor had no warnings to such doings...not that he would be forewarned, but that I guess when there is a sect, uprising, group doing activities, he probably is informed, especially when it could be a detriment to the livelyhood of his city. So this is even more disturbing...that no one really knew there was a group operating in this area. What to do? Where is compassion to them?

In techie news, today our office recieved the computers that I ordered and I am quite excited except that the one I ordered for web/database development was failed to be put on the purchase everyone gets a new computer except me. The IRONY!!! I think its kinda funny in that that computer, the one for development, was explicitly requested! Challenges at every corner, so I just have to make what I have work I suppose! At least the office now has computers that are all current and have the software/hardware to function. I went with Dell because they seem to have good deals and are super easy to put together and open up. I know in the future, when my VISTA term ends, someone will have to work on them. So I will be playing with them here shortly! Yippee, fun!!

Also a friend of mine, Lanya Shapiro, is doing some organizing in El Salvador so I am watching her doggies, Macho and Gumbo! I am looking forward to it because I'm a pretty big animal lover and I havent really had contact with any animals lately so the company will be fun! Just the other day, in Black Mountain, I was walking around and saw a chipmunk. Those little guys are soooo cool. Its like when they spread out, they become little squares....and not to imply cruelty,but they would look cool as little carpets....they are the kind of animal you could hug....with their cuteness!

Anyways, on to playing with these computers!

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