Saturday, May 28, 2005

Google Jobs!

Now, I am pretty happy with my job, but in another universe, my dream job would be...

some of the listed jobs at Google!!!

I keept track of their initial public offering and it was fun to see how exploited it became with all the pundits scrambling to insert their predictions! I am sure the job opportunities are a product of the successful IPO.

I don't know why I am thinking of this, but lately I've been reading some cool magazines.

There are a few magazines for the savvy that I'd like to recommend: Fast Company and MIT's Technology Review

These two magazines always seem to have something interesting to read and I usually learn a lot of emerging ideas/issues regarding business and innovation.

So its a nice day, been hanging out with Gumbo and Macho...I think they had a fight or something yesterday because they growl at each other, at least when I am around. Gumbo is definitely a 'male' dog with his little antics. He always tries to plop in my lap and he is a fairly large dog! Macho is more reserved, sophisticated almost, but very loving!

Its a beautiful day and I really miss the beach. I know there are some cool things to do around here, but I just havent tapped into them yet...Maybe a lake will ease my beach longing.

Anyways, I'm going out to explore...Have a great day!!!

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