Sunday, May 22, 2005

Blogging about blogging!

Here I go again.

I don't know if its because my night has been idle and I just randomly
read sites I am interested in, but I am really starting to get excited
about podcasting and its potential uses. I know Brian Russell did not
invent Podcasting, but I have been listening to his Podcasts on his
site and it is really cool!

There is an upcoming international conference on Podcasting at at UNC Chapel Hill which you should check
out if you want to learn more about attending and again, please visit for more about podcasting and its uses.

I personally, now that I've seen the site, am interested in helping
out with the conference and possibly trying my hand at the design
contest for the logo/banners for the conference!

I'm pumped! This upcoming week I will be in Black Mountain, NC at NC
Campus Compact's Community Service/Service Learning Director's
. I went their recently because I took some college
students there on spring break, but didnt really get to hike and
explore some of the terrain. There, I will be helping to present some
technology items in data management and the current database
implementation for where I work. It will be fun and I will also get
to reconnect with my fellow NC Campus Compact VISTAs, Todd Mortensen,
Amanda Ross, and Rebecca Cole, and also Winter Brown, our VISTA leader
and John Barnhill our executive director (My Boss)...they are all
great and super people with vision.

Tomorrow though, since I am at the beach, I am going to check out the
waves and see if I can get a surf session in...(doubt because of calm
weather)...ahh, to be home!

Anyways, have a wonderful weekend/week....I know I will!!!


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