Monday, May 16, 2005


hello all!

Well today I finally got to look at the database with its relationships...and its crazy that the actually queries work without taking 10 minutes to print the info on the screen. they are not really that organized and they do not really have any systematic data organization. How in the world does it work? Although, I have to admit that I felt all fuzzy inside when I actually reorganized the tables to look like they has form of order.

I feel good today, and hopefully tomorrow I will feel the same. We have our obligatory staff meeting tomorrow and I hope it turns out okay, but I have been making huge progress with volunteer recruitment.

I am starting to get professionals in their field. 2 in particular are experts in Oracle databases and one has a Ph.D. Its so awesome that I can work with them and orchestrate my mind's whim. I am a firm advocate in human potential and when approached right, you can motivate anyone to achieve what was thought not possible. So its great, things are I just have to get a trash can for my apartment and a refigerator for that matter.

talk to ya later!

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