Thursday, May 12, 2005

All Consuming Raw...A Poem

Well, tonight I was going through some of my old poems, and I wanted to share this one because it moves me to this day with the things I've felt and the visceral feeling that still sometimes resonates here it is, All Consuming Raw.

Listen to my heartbeat dripping
Bellowing, purging elastic glaze
The ebb and flow of blood, so pure
Yet filled, saturated, but unfulfilled

Apropos of nothing, but something
Cool containment contaminated
Paradoxical whisper says
What did you say?
It feels like what?

Frustration to the point of reality
Piercing the pincushion of ambiguity
Listen to the soulbeat pounding
Demanding the direction of adversity
Playing the rhythm of love

Raging rush, fleeting flush
Gravitational withdrawal
Spinning in squares, raising hairs
Momentary eternity fills the bubble of law
Give me consignment coopportunity

The secret recipe for desire
Holds a plethora of ways
To satiate the eminent coming
Of many clouded delayed, viscous days
Truncated idea explodes my song

Inward out my calling card
A truth of numb, ring, ring
Feel the pain, do it again
And pick up the phone for me
Hold on to the bill of foresight

Bruises pang, bruises blue
But my steadfast yearning still holds true
Buckle that belt of what you felt
Because it must belong to you
Give the tingling some circulation

Sickle cell, cast that spell
Anemic intuition?
Fill the void but don’t avoid
Your tempestuous ambition

Scarlet fever favors me
Velvet, fuzzy rant
Run about, crazy clout
It puts me in a trance

Meaningful life to speak so raw
With flavorful dessert
One day may I have a chance
For this romance
To see it in its splendor
But for now I must show how

To dance with my feet bended.

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