Friday, May 13, 2005

Sleep early, wake up early

Yo peeps, hello everyone, hola ustedes!

Yep, i keep doing it...waking up at like 3am or 4am because i fall asleep at like 7pm or 6pm. This past week has been pretty draining for me with work i guess. That retreat earlier in the week really sucked the life out of me! But now that I am on the cusp of the weekend, my spirits are lifted.

Yesterday I volunteered all morning, picking up trash in this elderly's backyard, then spent the rest of the day trying to develop this course for database design. It seems like i never make any progress on it though because I always get distracted.

I've spent my early morning just waking up, but by the time i head off to work, I probably will be sleepy.

So here I am writing.


I suppose I could be doing work, but I'd rather not and save that fun for the daylight.

Its been a good week though...just busy...Ill write more later


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