Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Staff Retreat!!!

Hi, whomever reads this blog...not sure who.

I am its late here, but I just wanted to put a blip out there on how much I hate the staff retreat I am at right now! It completely sucks! Nothing really productive is coming out of it and my advisor thinks she knows everything about technology and she has these guests that come in from the university that I would like to share things with, but she doesnt let me talk...and she pretty much is erasing everything I have been working on thus far by saying shit that she knows nothing about!!! Ahhh...the pain of being silent, the pain of being frustrated! I would like my job a hell of a lot more if my supervisor was actually doing her job instead of always talking about herself and her slant on things and not stressing all her staff all of the time.

In lighter news, my volunteer postings are starting to bear fruit. I have a referral from volunteer match and there are students interested in service at NCCU! Yippee, now i just ahve to have stuff for them to do.

Its the good part of my job. The bad part probably is better left unsaid. Lets just say i feel a lot of rage and anger towards my advisor. Thats hard for me to do, to have that sort of emotional disdain for a person.

Anyways, enough venting for now...maybe this retreat will be better tomorrow...lets hope so for my sanity.


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